Bursting Bubbles Painting!

Painting is super easy and fun! Even if you’re not very artistic or creatively inclined, painting is therapeutic and stress relieving. Whether you are finger painting or painting by numbers, the journey of creating something is always a good time.

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For this fun bubble painting, check out these steps:

This instruction has been adapted from stepbysteppainting.net

1 flat paintbrush
1 pointy paintbrush
White paint
Black paint
White chalk
Yellow paint
Blue paint
Pink Paint
Glitter glue (optional)


  1. Lay scrap paper down to catch any fly away paint for easy clean up
  2. Paint your canvas entirely black with the flat brush and let dry
  3. Trace various sized circles in white chalk
  4. If you’re happy with your circles, paint them white with the pointy brush
  5. If you’re not happy, take a damp cloth and erase the chalk circles until you’ve got it right
  6. Use blue and white to create the first colour reflection
  7. Use pink and white to create the second colour reflection
  8. Use yellow and white to create the third colour reflection
  9. Use white to paint highlights on the bubbles
  10. Add some shiny details on the tops of some of the bubbles
  11. Paint some smaller dots to make popped bubbles
  12. Add a little glitter glue wherever you think it could use a little bit of shine 😊

Bubbles Tutorial

All paintings will turn out differently, just remember it’s not the destination, but the journey that counts!

If you are in need of food, please phone 705-432-2444 to book an appointment or inquire about what we have available.

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