Some people never partake in April Fool’s Day and some of us commit to the holiday!  In either case, with all the negativity and stress in the world at the moment, what a perfect time to play some harmless little pranks on someone to make them giggle. It is an opportunity to “get back” at your school-age kids who have been at home and driving you nuts for the last few weeks, and with everyone working from home right now there are so many opportunities to pounce on!  Here are some ideas to get you thinking:
  • Try putting vanilla pudding in a mayonnaise jar and see them get grossed out by watching you eat it by the spoonful.
  • Make “cookies”. Whip up some mashed potatoes, stir in a can of drained and rinsed black beans, place by the spoonful on a parchment paper-covered baking sheet and cook at 350 degrees until golden (approx. 20 mins).  Serve warm for fresh “cookies”.
  • For those people that are busy working from home, wait until they take a break and walk away from the desk. Working quickly, use a pen to write ha ha ha on a post it note and stick the note over the laser eye on the bottom of their computer mouse so that it cannot be seen around the edges.  When they move the mouse, nothing will happen.
  • Make some spider cookies. Use your favourite chocolate chip cookie recipe but when you pull them out of the oven use a toothpick to draw legs out of the middle of the chocolate chips to make it looked like you baked them in!
  • Does your loved one enjoy cereal? Put a tiny bit of milk in a bowl along with a small bit of their favorite cereal (cheerios work well).  Pop in a spoon and then put it in the freezer until solid.  The spoon wont come out when you serve it and it takes a minute for them to clue into what just happened.
  • Prepare a “cake” for your loved ones. Lay some blown up balloons gently in a cake pan (oblong ones wok best) and ice around the outside edges of them and on top of them to make it look like a cake.  When the target attempts to cut a piece out it will pop and make a mess causing a big surprise.  **DISCLAIMER – Please be conscious of what type of knife you use to cut the “cake” so that no injuries occur if they accidentally drop or throw it.
  • Serve a glass of nice refreshing “juice”. Who doesn’t enjoy a glass of fruit punch now and then?  Prepare some red jello in a juice glass, and drop in a re-useable straw.  Let it set and then serve the “juice” to your unknowing target.
  • Serve a “grilled cheese” for dinner. Toast a couple of slices of Angel Food Cake and add some slightly orange tinted icing as the cheese.
  • Have a candy lover in the house? Try wrapping some baby tomatoes or grapes in a square of white tissue paper (roll the paper around it in one direction and then twist the ends) so that they look like colourfully wrapped candies.

Tricks to Play on the Kids on April Fool's Day - Dukes and ...

  • We can’t leave those chocolate lovers out! Melt some chocolate and cover some dill pickle cubes, cheese puffs, or squares of bacon in it to find out their reactions once they have cooled and set.  Believe it or not they will cause a surprise – but still taste surprisingly good!
  • Do you have any lollipop sticks kicking around? Put a broccoli or cauliflower floret on a stick and wrap the top in some colourful tissue paper to make an awesome lollipop.
  • If you have a box of orange kraft dinner around the house, try pulling the cheese mix out and mixing it with a bit of water in a juice jug. It looks just like a jug of orange juice but sure does not taste like it!  Then you can still use the noodles in your favourite pasta dish, soup or casserole.
  • Are they watching too much tv lately? We can solve that!  A piece of clear tape on the end of the remote will never get noticed no matter how many times they change the batteries!
  • If you have any wrappers kicking around the house, be imaginative. You can switch up the Mike and Ikes for some raw beans and peas.  Tootsie rolls?  Sounds like the perfect raw carrot home to us!
  • Make up something fun and see how far you can press your luck – maybe you tell them that school is out until they are 21 or the government just proved that veggies are bad for you. Try to make it harmless though since the last thing you want to do now is add even more stress to anyone.
  • If you have loved ones that enjoy lots of baths you just might have some bath water colour changing tablets handy. Unscrew the filter end of your tap and pop in a coloured tablet.  Every time you run your water it will be coloured until it dissolves.  **DISCLAIMER – be conscious of which sink you put it in.  It is safe to wash your body in it but we do not suggest drinking it, cooking with it, cleaning with it, or feeding it to your animals.
  • Serve a “mouldy sandwich” by adding some drops of blue and/or green food colouring to the bread. Tip: drops of water help to spread the colour out more for a bleed type of effect.
  • Try making some “cupcakes” where the base is made of meatloaf that was cooked in muffin tins and the icing that is swirled on top is really mashed potatoes. Tip: serve in a cupcake wrapper for added effect)
  • If your household likes French fries, try slicing up some apples to look like fries, coat them in some sugar and bake them. They will look like fries that have been coated in a parmesan cheese like seasoning.
  • For brownie lovers it is so easy! Put a baking tray out covered in aluminum foil.  When you tell your target to help themselves to a brownie they will literally find some cut out brown construction paper capital E’s.  Get it > Brown-E’s?!
  • There is always the fail safe Oreo cookie trick. Take the oreo cookies apart and remove the icing.  Replace the icing with white mint toothpaste and put the cookies back together again.
  • Make a sundae. Use a cute ice cream bowl and add mashed potatoes as the ice cream with a light coloured gravy as the caramel sauce.  Instead of a cherry on the top add a baby tomato – and voila – a decadent dessert.
  • Serve a cup of dirt! Really just the traditional worms and dirt idea of pudding in a cup with oreo cookie crumbs on top – but it is great for the little ones who have never experienced it before.
  • For an upscaled prank – take a medium sized onion, peel it and put a popsicle stick in one end. Dip it in some caramel and just leave it on the counter.  Wait and see who is going to be the one to steal a not so nice caramel apple.

Now go have some safe, silly, stress-free fun. We know we will be!