Did you know public policy can make us hungry?

Over the next few weeks, the Government of Canada will be implementing new benefits and financial supports. These new policies may affect your income and your diet.

From minimum wage, ODSP, Ontario Works and CERB, how much money we earn can determine how much safe and nutritious food we buy.



E.I. Comes Next

As CERB is replaced, new income supports from EI will offer equal or less than the $500.00 flat rate CERB sent us. David Macdonald, Senior Economist from the Centre for Policy Alternatives, states that 77% of CERB recipients in Ontario will have a reduced income on EI.

Smaller incomes could mean that residents make use of money saving measures like coming to a Food Bank or purchasing produce at a low cost through a Good Food Box. In Brock Township, you can find access to budget friendly programs by calling The Nourish and Develop Foundation (TNDF) at 705-432-2444. At TNDF we offer nourishing foods, resources and fun activities at low or no cost to you.

where to apply for E.I.

As of September 27th, 2020, CERB payments will be phased out and over 2 million Canadians will be eligible for EI. Most will automatically transition.

However, David Macdonald states that well over 700,000 people will have to apply for EI. Those who received CERB from the CRA will have to submit an application. It is possible that many will miss or be delayed in getting an EI payment if they do not know to apply. If you are unsure if you will automatically transfer to EI you can call Service Canada at 1-800-206-7218 to learn more. To access the Government of Canada website to apply click here.

supports are local

Whether your financial supports have changed, you are in between jobs, have a health emergency, or for any other reason are placed in a position where you are not able to afford nourishing foods, there are supports in Brock Township. At The Nourish and Develop Foundation for example, we have a number of programs that provide short or long term access to good food. We also make referrals to support your access to housing, mental health services and employment services. We can meet your need, give us a call 705-432-2444 to learn more.

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