Whether it’s because of an over-saturation of COVID-19 content in the media…

a disruption in daily routines, or an overwhelming sense of uncertainty, there are many valid reasons to be feeling anxious at this time. That’s why we are joining the #MentalHealthMonday hashtag to bring you weekly tips to help protect your mental health.

Anxiety is the body’s natural response to stress. So, if you are feeling more anxious than usual, it is totally normal and understandable. One way to cope with anxiety is grounding: coming back to the present moment and entering a calm state.

 Being grounded refers to a state of mental awareness which transitions us to the present. Grounding may help distract you from the unwanted feelings you are currently experiencing and to redirect your focus to the “here and now”. Below are some tried and true grounding exercises that can help achieve this desired outcome:

woman leaning on window


Take a deep breath and look around you.

Name 5 things you can see out loud (a picture, a pillow, a desk, etc.).

Touch 4 things around you (notice your feet nestled in the carpet, pet your dog, play with your hair). Pay attention to how they feel, are they soft/hard, heavy/light, what kind of texture do they have?

Acknowledge 3 sounds you can hear (birds chirping, the washing machine cycling, your stomach rumbling). What is happening around you?

Find 2 things you can smell (a candle, food, an item of clothing). What does that scent remind you of?

What is 1 thing you can taste (the mint flavour from your toothpaste, the coffee you drank earlier, the gum in your mouth)?

man playing an electric bass guitar


Listen to your favourite song. Pay close attention to each individual aspect of the music; first the beat, then the lyrics, then each instrument. Notice how all the parts come together as one.

tilt shift photography of man's left hand with anchor tattoo pointing at high rise buildings

anchoring phrases

Anchoring Phrases

Name facts about yourself and your relation in society.

Example: “My name is Tom. I am 43 years old. Today is Thursday, April 2, 2020. It is 4:00 p.m. I am sitting on a couch in my house. I am an electrician. I am an uncle. I have 2 cats. My favourite colour is blue.”

Continue by saying what you have done today and what you will do today.

rainbow over green tree covered hill


Staying where you are, visually locate each object in the area that is red, then orange, then yellow, etc. (follow the rainbow).

orange knit cap with grey sweater and jeans


Anchoring Phrases

Start with your feet: Are you wearing shoes?  Where did they come from? Did you buy them as a reward for getting a new job? Were they a gift from a loved one for your birthday? How long have you had them?

Work your way up your body, going over each item of clothing or jewelry on the way.

You can even think about the makeup you are wearing or the skin care products you used that day.

man taking a picture

capture the moment

Take a photo of something that you like, that stands out to you, or of something that is meaningul to you.

man sitting on the grounding doing yoga

the 5-1-9

PDF Resource for grounding techniques offers physical, mental, soothing methods and includes a chart to log your efforts.


Disclaimer: The above techniques are only intended to provide temporary relief and may not be effective for everyone, or might require practice over time. If your experience of anxiety persists and becomes disruptive to your health, please contact a medical doctor/other certified professional (psychotherapist, psychologist, social worker, counselor, therapist) please contact us for assistance with referrals.



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