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Providing access to good food and services is just the beginning of our work. Last year, TNDF saw another period of change and growth with new staff members, new programs, and new facilities added to our roster. As we grow forward, TNDF has renewed its commitment to expand community outreach, deliver essential services, and build stronger communities — together. 

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“The Nourish Hub was there for me when I was at a particularly low point in my life, the staff provided me with assistance with no judgement or demands and I can’t thank those at the Food Pantry enough.”

Food Pantry Client


From our efforts to promote greater awareness in the community regarding its members’ most pressing needs, enhancing our current services, and investing in new programs, it has been another year of change and growth for TNDF. In addition to increasing the services provided through our current programs, we began to develop two new initiatives: a Social Supports Program and a Women’s Services Program.

Additionally, three new staff joined our team, thereby enhancing the impact and benefits that our services bring to peoples’ lives. Our dedicated staff proactively responds to community needs, allowing TNDF to fulfill its mission,

To enhance local food security and encourage people’s self-reliance through collaborative programs and partnerships that deliver lasting solutions and life-long learning.

Our persistent work and effort to assist the people of Brock Township would not have been possible without the support and contributions of many allies in the community. There were 93 businesses and organizations that collaborated with us on 294 community initiatives this past year. In conclusion, 2019 was a year where TNDF grew forward, Nourishing Lives and Developing Change…
We welcome you to join us in this effort!




As we grow forward, TNDF has renewed its commitment to deliver additional essential services and to expand outreach to the community. In 2020, TNDF will launch a Social Supports Program, focused on helping community members connect with valuable resources and support. This program allows The Nourish and Develop Foundation to further support members of the community by improving community connections and facilitating access to social support networks.

TNDF will also dedicate efforts to establish a Women’s Services Program, including the development of a women’s shelter in 2022. This division of The Nourish and Develop Foundation is dedicated to providing services and support for women experiencing poverty, abuse, and mental health issues. Currently, we are working in partnership with other service organizations to raise awareness and provide programming related to the prevention of violence against women.