December is typically the busiest month of the year for food banks; this is especially true for the Nourish House Food Bank at TNDF. Last year in December, they served 137 individuals, whereas in November of last year they only served 97.

For many folks living in rural communities, the cost of heating homes and the decline of seasonal work opportunities stretches their monthly budget thin in the winter months. Not to mention, the pressure to participate in holiday festivities and gift-giving pushes many households below the poverty line or deeper under it. Throughout December, TNDF’s food bank steps up to ensure that clients have the food and household essentials that they need to relieve some of the financial pressures to be able to better enjoy the Holidays.

Looking ahead to this coming December, we could really use your help in order to meet the increased need. A fun way to do so is by participating in our Reverse Advent Calendar!

Donations of gift cards, cash, stocking stuffers, gift-wrapping supplies or perishables are also accepted with gratitude.

Can’t collect everything on the list? Don’t sweat it! This list is only meant as a suggestion, based on items we are low on at this time. Anything you can contribute will be greatly appreciated!

Follow this calendar throughout the month of November to build a box of donations to help fill our food bank’s shelves for December! Once you’ve filled your box, please connect with our team to arrange for a drop-off before December 3, 2021.

Have any questions? You can reach us at or 705-432-2444.

If you’re in need of food bank or social support, please contact our team to arrange for assistance.


Click here to download a printable version of the calendar to keep on your fridge to follow along.