Life is moving forward and many of us, or people we love, are continuing to experience important milestones.

Unfortunately, some big events have been cancelled due to the pandemic, including weddings, vacations, and graduations. If this has been your experience, allow yourself permission to grieve. It is normal to feel angry, sad, or disappointed when your plans cannot carry out the way you had hoped. You are not alone. Write out your feelings, engage in self-care, and congratulate yourself on what you have accomplished – even if it was having to make a tough decision to postpone/alter/cancel an event!

Special occasions are worth celebrating, so we have gathered some examples of creative ideas to recognize ourselves and our loved ones during this time:


Send out an e-invite in advance and try to organize a theme for the group to participate in – perhaps centred around the honoured guest’s favourite era or television show. Have guests dress up, add décor to the background of their screens, and sing happy birthday! If possible, arrange for a cake or favourite food to be delivered during the call.


Celebrate an anniversary by preparing a home cooked meal, complete with beverages and dessert. Dress up as you would if you were going out to dinner, grab a cozy blanket, and head to a scenic spot with no distractions so you can enjoy your surroundings and the company of one another.


What you need to bring with you: an open mind. A ‘staycation’ is participating in activities within driving distance and without overnight accommodation. Becoming a tourist in your own town can imitate the feeling of traditional travel. Some of us pass the same streets day after day without knowing what lies beyond them, so now is a great time to feed the curiosity we may have. A staycation presents unstructured time to enjoy however you wish!


Pick a group – some family members, friends, coworkers, etc. and have everyone contribute an item, photo, or news article, in addition to a journal entry about life during COVID-19. It would be interesting to capture moments that have stuck out to you over the past few months, lessons you’ve learned, or what you wish you would have told yourself going into the pandemic given what you know now. Have someone be the designated keeper, agree on a time to open it up again, and store it away for the future.

Use this experience as an opportunity to get inventive and change up how you would typically celebrate special occasions. Sometimes it helps to make the best out of unfortunate circumstances and find the silver lining. There is no doubt that what we do now may contribute to some lasting memories!