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Originally launched in 2012, under the name “Bountiful Box”, our Good Food Box (GFB) program has sought to connect fields to tables by offering fresh and local fruits and vegetables to community members at an affordable rate. At present, a GFB box costs $20 and contains 10 fruit and veggie items based on seasonal availability. Each month, community members have been able to either purchase a box or they may receive a sponsored box at no cost if they are facing food insecurity.

After approximately 10 years, our team has decided to dissolve the program. As of January 2022, it will be merged into our recent launched Mobile Food Market (MFM).

Since its launch in August 2021, we’ve observed that MFM achieves the same goals as the GFB program, with a number of added benefits to both community members and our organization.

Unlike GFB, our MFM let’s individuals select the fruits and veggies that they take home with them. There are dozens of fruit and veggie options at MFM each day. Offering the community choice through MFM will be helpful for decreasing household food waste as families won’t be taking home items that they do not want or need. In addition to fruits and veggies, MFM offers prepared meals and meal kits at little to no cost.

GFB pick ups usually happen in a three-day window in the third week of each month. MFM operates twice a week, on Wednesdays and Thursdays, offering more opportunities for people to access food. Folks can visit MFM when is most convenient to them, as opposed to waiting 30 day stretches to access GFB.

Where GFB is only available for pickup at our Hub in Cannington, MFM visits 5 or 6 different locations throughout Brock Township each week, with plans for expansion in the future to better address food deserts. That said, we have decided to add our Hub at 16 York St in Cannington to the list of MFM locations to accommodate those folks who might prefer to continue to visit us on site. The MFM schedule with times and locations is posted on our website, our social media accounts, and posters.

At TNDF, one of our principles is best practice. That means that we guide our day-to-day work by evaluating our experiences to become wiser and better at what we do. What we have identified over the last several months is that MFM is more effective at providing the community with food than GFB. As a non-profit, it is important that our resources are used as effectively as possible. By merging the programs, we will be able to redirect our resources from GFB to fill other gaps and strengthen our programming.

After the final GFB in December, we will be pivoting to offer “Market Bucks” to those who were receiving a free good food box. Market Bucks are essentially a voucher which can be used to purchase any of the items available at MFM. To cover the costs of Market Bucks we will be seeking community support in the coming months to sponsor the vouchers, similar to the way that community members have been sponsoring good food boxes. Vouchers can be sponsored in denominations of $10, $15, or $20.

This announcement is bittersweet to make, but we know it is the right call and we are so excited to make this merge happen come the new year! We thank everyone for their support as we continue to grow and pivot our programming to meet community needs.

For more about info about MFM, please click here.

If you’d like to learn more about this decision, please contact us at or 705-432-2444.