Maple Tree Community Garden Announcement

September 27, 2021

TNDF is excited to announce that we will be transforming our Maple Tree Community Garden (MTCG) into a dynamic education space by 2023. Read this blog to learn more about our vision.


The Nourish and Develop Foundation (TNDF) is excited to announce that we will be transforming our Maple Tree Community Garden (MTCG) into a dynamic education space by 2023. We envision making this space more interactive and usable to more members of the community.

For those who may not know, Maple Tree Community Garden (MTCG) was established in 2009 by TNDF to nurture community and promote local food growing. Since its launch, we’ve envisioned it as a place for the community to gather, socialize, learn, exchange information, and grow self-reliance and friendships all while nourishing their bodies with fresh, healthy food. Over the last 12 years, with a great deal of support from community members, we have been able to accomplish a lot of what we wished to do. But we are recognizing that there is room for growth and improvement, and TNDF is excited to announce that we are looking to transform the program by 2023.

MTCG is located next to McCaskill’s Mills Public School on 1 acre of private property. With students in mind, we will be adding infrastructure to this space that will be more useful to classes, like a greenhouse which would allow for students to learn about plants and gardening during the fall/winter/spring months, and an outdoor classroom. We also envision making this space wheelchair accessible, providing fewer barriers to those members of our community who have expressed interest in accessing this space. In collaboration with local schools, organizations, and community members, we aim to make MTCG an interactive learning experience to inspire all members of the community to make healthier food choices for themselves and the planet.

We will be adding infrastructure to this space such as:

  • A greenhouse for year-round curriculum-based programming for students,
  • An outdoor classroom/event space
  • Making this space wheelchair accessible

What this means is that we will be closing the space to the public as we redesign and reconstruct this space. Next year will be the final growing season for community garden members, with construction starting in November 2022.

This announcement is of course bittersweet, as many of these gardeners have been a part of this program since it’s inception and dedicated a great deal of their time to developing MTCG. We acknowledge that this will be a disappointing change for some community members. We are working to offer alternative arrangements for those who will be looking to continue to garden. Again, we see this project as an investment in the greater community and hope to earn support for this new direction.

While we do not have the specifics of this project yet, we are excited about the potential the space holds. In line with TNDF’s values, we can assure the community that the decisions we have made and will continue to make are based in principles of participation, collaboration, and fairness. We are working out the details and look forward to sharing the designs and development of this evolving project with the public.

If you have any suggestions for educational programs at MTCG, elements to this space you think would be valuable to you or someone you know, or have any questions, please contact our Community Development Coordinator, Zoe, at or 705-432-2444.

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If you have any suggestions or ideas for how to redesign this program and space, please let us know!
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